Home Medical Beds

Our sleeping surfaces will protect your skin from Pressure Sores.

Our Home medical bed  include a sore prevention sleeping surface.

Our fully adjustable hospital beds offer independent head and foot positioning, as well as height adjustability.

Our Home Care equipment is carefully cleaned, disinfected and repacked after every use, so that you can use it safely.


Picture pressure sore causes- reclining man with orssure ppoints, drawing

Pressure Sore Management is your #1 priority


50% off tag

50% off on long term rental*

* conditions apply

Our Home Care beds will protect you while you sleep.

We offer a range of beds and sleeping surfaces to suit your budget.


allegra 120-1-1

Full electric bed

allegra 120-2

Multifunctional hand wand

Allegra- mid height

Easy access

Allegra- low position

Patient safety 


Allegra- high position

Patient care

rental bed with matress- head up

Pressure Reduction (+) 

Low risk patients

hospital_bed_rental__with mattress

Pressure Reduction (++)

Medium to high risk patients

air matress

Pressure Relief (+++)

High care patients