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Home Medical Bed Rental

Our home medical beds will protect you from Pressure Sores.

Home medical bed rental  should always include a bed sore prevention sleeping surface!

Our standard sleeping surfaces are pressure  reduction  mattresses, which means you do not need to use a water mattress to prevent pressure sores.

Our fully adjustable beds offer independent head and foot positioning, as well as height adjustability  (Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg).

 All our equipment is carefully cleaned, disinfected and repacked after every use, so that you can use it safely.



Pressure Sore Management is your #1 priority


50% off tag

50% off on long term rental*

* off price list

*excludes delivery charge

Our beds will protect you while you sleep.

We offer a range of beds and sleeping surfaces to suit your budget.


Allegra forza-basic

Full electric bed

allegra 120-2

Multifunctional hand wand

Allegra- mid height

Easy access

Allegra- low position

Patient safety 


Allegra- high position

Patient care

rental bed with matress- head up

Pressure Reduction (+) foam mattress

Low risk patients

hospital_bed_rental__with mattress

Pressure Reduction (++)

memory foam mattress

Medium to high risk patients

air matress

Pressure Relief & Reduction air mattress (+++)

High care patients